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The Black Dragons

North Carolina - 1775

Growing up on a tobacco plantation should be a simple life, predictable as the changing seasons, but when unlikely friends become entangled in the politics and shifting loyalties of nations, life is anything but simple. What starts as a plan to protect the families living on one small plantation, captures the attention of world powers vying for control of the American Colonies and the Islands of the Caribbean.

With few options available, untried heroes find themselves caught in a deadly struggle to protect their ideals, their freedoms and their lives. At every turn their friendship and loyalty to each other and to those brave men they come to lead, is tested. Can the innocent companionship of childhood stand in the face of hatred, prejudice, and war between world powers? Will the ideals that they embody become a testimony to a new world vision for an emerging nation?

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Background on the book from the Author:
The Black Dragons takes place during the prelude to and start of the American Revolutionary War. The story deals with the horrors of war, the intrigues and corruption of politics, the effects of hate and prejudice, the value and power of friendship and loyalty, and the character and talent that is needed to courageously lead troops into battle and then recover from it. The concept of the book was birthed while sailing the U.S., Spanish and British Virgin Islands. During a visit to Christiansted, St. Croix, my son and took a tour of the historic fort that protected the city and the plantations that thrived there during the 1700’s. We fell in love with the island, its rich history and people, and the cultural and racial challenges and fears that the plantation owners and their workers faced while nations vied for their control. It was there that the seed for the book was planted and the inspirational story took on its life. I hope you enjoy the characters and the story as much as I enjoyed writing them.

In less than one week The Black Dragons became the #3 best selling Adventure books on Here is what a few of the Smashwords book reviewers said after reading The Black Dragons:

It was a joy to read, a fun ride to the end, I fell in love with the characters, loved the message inside of the story, and cried at the end (who would have thought for an adventure/military genre book).

Loved it. Starts simple enough, but then the story picks up speed and you feel like you're on for the ride of your life in the lead characters back pocket.