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The Eyes of the Heart


From the time he took the job with Allen Brooke Inc., Luke’s life had gone from one incredible challenge to the next. In the blink of an eye they transitioned him from writing training manuals for a new game, to putting his very life on the line for the company. He was quickly realizing that the product was no game at all, and that it had far more uses and dangers for society than he could have ever imagined. And he was clearly not alone in that understanding.

Secret societies and government intelligence agencies were now looking intently into it, and into anyone who was involved with it. His professional and personal life was suddenly thrust into a deadly battle between two political and religious ideologies that he didn't understand but he needed to grasp if he had any chance to stop the religious genocide that one of them had planned.

He would need to use every resource his body could call upon, including the most important one that he had yet to learn how to use… The Eyes of his Heart.

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Here is what reviewers are saying:

This is the first genuinely Christian techno-thriller I've found. It is a wonderfully, exciting story of danger, mortal combat, and true love. For the first time, I found someone else willing to write in this area with characters going through genuine Christian actions and reactions. The writing is excellent. The characters have depth. Overall, it was an exciting read and a real blessing. I finished the book satisfied and in worship. When's the last time that happened to you?

This was a great read! The author has combined two elements that we do not usually see come together, technology and spirituality, and he was able to do so seamlessly. I enjoyed this book from start to finish but I particularly enjoyed the spiritual depth and insight in the last 9 chapters. I have been given a whole different outlook on the spiritual battle that we face everyday. The vivid imagery of the spiritual battle that the author expertly describes leaves you inspired, convicted, and even startled. I cant wait for the next book in the series! I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all.

The Eyes of the Heart has the same surprising twists, turns and wild ride that we saw in The Black Dragons, and a very unique and thought provoking story-line. It will have you wrestling side by side with the same issues as the main character faces and wondering how you would have responded. My mind is still spinning and I can't wait for more.

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