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The Black Dragons - Now available in paperback!

For those of you who prefer to hold a book and feel the pages turn, then we have good news! The Black Dragons is now available in paperback and available for purchase on

My favorite "The Black Dragons" review from a recent reader:

"Just like people, there are times when we prejudge a book, only to be completely surprised by it once we read it. The Black Dragons was NOT a shallow “pirate” novel for young boys as the book cover first led me to think; instead it was about a very deep and special journey that two unlikely friends are forced to take when they are caught up in the politics of nations vying for control of the American Colonies and the Caribbean Islands. Although filled with action and surprising twists, the author also carefully wove into the story the values of loyalty and friendship in the face of hatred and prejudice and he displayed the beauty, power and value of a man’s character, something that seems to be a fading quality in today’s youth. The story of these men will encourage, challenge, and inspire you as you cheer for them, fear for them, and weep with them (not all of the tears or sad ones). It is a great book for all ages and all genders..."

Click Here to buy it now!