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Stones of Trouble

Children, do not be fooled. There is an evil man that wants to pull you away and separate you from the most important relationship that God has given you, your parents. He wants to convince you that they do not love you, or care for you, or want the best for you in life. But do not listen to him. Instead; always listen to what God teaches and you will always hear what is true!

When a child forgets all the amazing things that mom's and dad's do for them, it opens a door that can let in all kinds of dangerous thoughts and choices.

Stones of Trouble is a book about a boy who, in his moment of frustration from being asked to clean his room, makes a choice in haste that proves very dangerous. The unwanted adventure that he finds himself in opens his eyes to how grateful is should be for his parents.

Click on the link to read Chapter 1 of Stones of Trouble.

A note from the author

I’m often asked where the ideas for my children’s stories come from. My only answer is practice, practice, and more practice.

For six years I had a part-time job as a storyteller. Although my audience was somewhat limited, they were very devout and demanding. From the ages of 2 until 8, every night my two children would ask or plead with me to tell them a story before bed. I would always pretend that it was too late, or that I could not think of any, but they would press on undaunted until I relented. They somehow knew that I loved telling them a story as much as they liked hearing one.

So every night I would have the joy of creating a new story from scratch, and as a wise parent, each one would have a meaning or lesson weaved subtly within it. After many joyful years of storytelling, and hundreds of stories later, some of the better stories became favorites and were requested to be told over and over again. These stories even took on a strong following from their friends as well.

Today as teens and young adults, they still talk about their favorite stories growing up. I thought it might be a great gift to write a few of them down and share them with my future grandchildren, and with other children as well.

I hope you, your children, and your grandchildren enjoy them as much as my children did, and as much as I enjoyed creating and telling them.

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