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"Sell Everything,"

Jesus of Nazareth had told the rich young man who had traveled so far to meet him.

This can't be the Messiah, Addi thought as he walked away from the encounter. The Messiah would have known he had dedicated his whole life to God and had built a deep and powerful financial kingdom right under Pilate and Herod's noses, a financial kingdom ready to equip and supply the Messiah's army when he returned. He and the secret organization he was a member of just needed the Messiah to step forward, claim his kingdom, and drive out the armies of Rome as the prophecies of old had foretold. Therefore, he can't be the Messiah.

Yet Addi could not deny the miracles this Jesus had demonstrated, even driving out demons, so surely God must be with him. The man was fearless and bold when he taught the people, his message powerful and amazing, yet different from what the Pharisees and Sadducees were teaching; teaching that had not gone unnoticed by them.

What must I do to inherit eternal life? Addi shook his head, feeling a little confused. Of all the questions he had wanted to ask the man, that was not one of them. Or was it?

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Here is what our reviewers are saying:

"I recently received a copy of this book from a friend who highly recommended it to me. The story is engaging and I finished it within a few days. Frankly, I wanted to see how it ended. Mr. Hackett has done a masterful job of mixing scripture and fiction, not easy to do on the best of days, to create a plausible, insightful and certainly thought provoking story about the life of Jesus’ disciples (real and imagined). I came away with a clearer understanding of Jesus’ ministry on earth and a more complete look at the evolution of his disciples thinking and beliefs about Jesus’ kingdom on earth and eventually in their hearts. I think Mr. Hackett has nailed it with this one and I recommend it to anyone."

Everything This is one of those books that you just can't put down. It is written in a way that tells the story of the Gospels from a viewpoint of someone who might have lived through it, who personally experienced it. It remains as true as is possible to the biblical story while using a parallel story line to help you feel the time, the loss and gain, and the love. One of the rare books that brought tears to my eyes. Great book and well worth the read.

I don`t usually review books, but this book is one of the best books I have ever read. I started this book today and have just finished it. It gave me a lot to ponder. I laughed, and cried while reading this book. It really spoke to me, and I am still thinking about the words I read. A must read!!!

A great biblical fiction read that makes the bible accounts come alive. Addi’s life is changed when he is told to give up everything and follow me (Jesus). Addi’s story is one of danger, trust, courage and finding himself and what it means to follow ones heart. The story is very engaging and has you concerned for Addi’s life down to the last few pages. At the end of each chapter scriptures are referenced to support the biblical account. I think you will really enjoy it; I know I did!

Have you often wondered how the stories in the Bible relate to today's world? I, for one, have done that many times. Many times I've tried to draw parallel lines between today and yesterday. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But within the pages of this book Addi ben Zuriel, the central character, brings new understanding to an old story.

In the Bible Jesus tells this young man, Addi, that in order to find eternal life he (Addi) should sell all of his possessions and follow the Lord. Of course Addi is skeptical since it is he, along with an elite band of Pharisees, who are seemingly preparing for a great leader in the guise of their Messiah to arise and with a vast army break the people free from the chains of Rome's rule.

What follows is the story of how Addi comes to accept Jesus as the Messiah; it also takes Addi quite some time to realize that the 'new world order' is not to be of this world but a kingdom of the heart. Through the perils and intrigues of a Biblical Jerusalem at Passover, we follow Addi as he in turn follows Jesus through the Passover and ultimately through the crucifixion. We become friends with the disciples and with Jesus's mother Mary.

Like another reviewer, I too wish the Bible could be retold in a manner similar to this book. It is easy to read and understand. For me, it was also easy to see the amount of research that has gone into this tome. And while it can easily be read in a day or two I took several weeks to finish it, allowing myself the time to absorb the personal meanings. It is a book rich in detail yet easily understood.