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"Everything" was released!

The new novel "Everything - The untold story of the rich young ruler" was released and is now available on in Kindle and paperback formats.

"Sell everything," Jesus of Nazareth had told the rich young man who had traveled so far to meet him.

This can't be the Messiah, Addi thought as he walked away from the encounter. The Messiah would have known he had dedicated his whole life to God and had built a deep and powerful financial kingdom right under Pilate and Herod's noses, a financial kingdom ready to equip and supply the Messiah's army when he returned. He and the secret organization he was a member of just needed the Messiah to step forward, claim his kingdom, and drive out the armies of Rome as the prophecies of old had foretold. Therefore, he can't be the Messiah.

Yet Addi could not deny the miracles this Jesus had demonstrated, even driving out demons, so surely God must be with him. The man was fearless and bold when he taught the people, his message powerful and amazing, yet different from what the Pharisees and Sadducees were teaching; teaching that had not gone unnoticed by them.

What must I do to inherit eternal life? Addi shook his head, feeling a little confused. Of all the questions he had wanted to ask the man, that was not one of them. Or was it?

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